Sunday, 17 January 2016


It's been a big week for Elroy, he took his first step last thursday over at my grandmother's. Tried again in the afternoon and everyday since he has become more confident with it. This morning he took four, the funny thing is that we gave him a round of applause the first few times, and now as he takes his step, or steps, he will clap, or sit down and clap for himself. Naturally we clap along with him. I am not ready for a walking baby, he is only just over ten months now and I'm feeling nostalgic already. The downside to the steps is that he has been all fired up and rearing to go, day sleeps have been challenging, and he is always very good with going to bed. I'm hoping it will pass in a few days time. I seem to recall he did the same when he figured out rolling over.

He has also become a bit of a foodie of late, determined to feed himself and loving most things he tries. I am so glad that he enjoys it.

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Kate @ Babe & Abode said...

He looks like he's having an absolute ball! Well done on the first steps, but I understand what you mean about not being ready. I'm both excited and terrified about that time rolling around for us.

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