Tuesday, 12 January 2016

30/52, 31/52 and 32/52

In my neglect for the blog I didn't post these, but I did take my photographs, which is the main thing. I wish I had taken my camera to the beach more, but I am a little scared of taking such an expensive thing to a very sandy wet place!! Maybe next time, as it has been an important part of Elroy's life over the last few weeks.

30/52: Boxing day. Christmas day was around 35 degrees and we had Elroy in the paddling pool, boxing day it crashed to about 12 and we had him in a beanie. We had a very quiet boxing day, but did go for a bit of a walk in the afternoon to get out of the house, it was windy and cool but rather lovely still. Elroy, when going through a growth spurt, usually adds a couple of extra chins initially, which his hat beautifully accentuates.

31/52: One of my jobs over the break was to sort through all the little baby clothes and put them in vac bags for storage. I came across a little hat that I had knitted but had always been too big for him, naturally it fits him now. He is standing at our wardrobe mirror, with tv remote in hand, chatting away to himself, which he regularly does. He has been standing on his own a lot more lately, not needing something to lean on or pull himself up with, his legs are getting stronger. Maybe he will walk in the next month?

32/52: Elroy and Jerry. Elroy loves Jerry, he crawls up to him and tries to lie back on him and rub his head on Jerry. It is very sweet, in return Jerry tolerates it briefly and then walks off or hides in the corner. Jerry sleeps on the old couch in our bedroom and Elroy always wakes up around 4:30am (not ideal!) so he has his feed in bed with us, and if all goes to plan, drifts off to sleep for another hour or more. Then he wakes and is a ball of energy, we always ask him 'where's Jerry?' and he will look towards the couch, the last few mornings he has actually said 'Jerry' when we say it, although this morning it sounded like Terry. But still it is the sweetest thing ever.

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