Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Summer holidays

Happy new year! I had intended to write several posts before this one, one summing up last year, one about my thoughts for the new year and maybe even a recipe post.....but then the above happened. Summer holidays!!! We were fortunate that Matt could take two weeks off following christmas and that the weather has been pretty good for January in Tasmania. Even the water has been warmish and perfect for refreshing swims. We tried to have a mix of slow days, beach days and outings to Mona and Cygnet as well as a get a few home projects done. It has been a good combination and I'm a little sad it's over, but we will make the most of the weekends and long weekends coming up!

The last few weeks in 2015 were tough, but overall it was the most amazing year, certainly one like no other and it flew by so quickly. I know everyone says that happens with babies but I really didn't anticipate just how true that would be. We learnt a lot about Elroy (he is a very happy and content boy) about ourselves, and about the value of sleep (and yet we are still really bad at going to bed at a reasonable time), oh and the value of listening to your body and going to the doctor (I was diagnosed with Graves disease). I felt sad to say goodbye to 2105, to the opportunity to stay home from work and care for Elroy but I know this year will be just as amazing. We will celebrate a first birthday, so many more achievements and milestones for Elroy, I will return part time to the workforce, and all going to plan commence (and hopefully finish) our house renovations!! I am soooo excited about this one!

Lets hope 2016 is happy and productive!

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