Sunday, 27 December 2015

christmas 2015

The lead up to Christmas this year was not at all what I had planned. To be honest the last 6/7 weeks have been really tough with illness and to top it off a week before Christmas I ended up with some sort of virus that included conjunctivitis (I don't recall having that before, and man it sucks) and an unbearably sore throat. So there was no time for baking biscuits or sweets, for making crackers or any of the other bits and pieces I love. Matt stayed home from work to help with Elroy and luckily we got through it and I was better for Christmas Day. We had a quiet day, just a lovely lunch at my mum's, some very generous gifts, with some paddling pool time for Elroy given the 35 degree heat! I really appreciate the fact that we only have to travel to one place, and who knows maybe next year we can have it at our house if our renovations are finished in time!!

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