Thursday, 25 February 2016

summer list

Given that we are facing the last days of summer already, I thought I had better post a summer list before it is too late! I always knew, even last summer, that this summer was going to be good. That we would have a baby at an age where we would have fun and make the most of the warmth. I think we have definitely given it our best, lots of beach days, swims in the ocean, outdoor dinners, and lunches in the park.

Making: I have two knitting projects on the go at the moment. I started a grey gilet/vest for Elroy, but I ordered the wool in the pattern and it turned out that it is not wool, but in fact a wool/acrylic blend, which isn't terribly nice to knit with (lesson learnt, always read and not assume!). Then I found some brilliant cobalt blue wool and have started to knit a cardigan for him instead. Hoping I will finish both in time for winter!

Cooking: things with zucchini mostly, for both Elroy and ourselves. Turns out Matt doesn't even like it, but I didn't realise until the other day. Also thinking we might need one more pavlova topped with blueberries and strawberries for the summer.

Drinking: it has been the summer of the $1 frozen coke.

Reading: I am maybe 30 pages into Anna Karenina, I need to spend more of my spare time reading and knitting, rather than looking at pinterest and instagram....

Listening to: mostly triple j lately, I had a few years of just not feeling it and not really listening to the radio at all, but over the last few months it has grown on me. Plus, I can't believe I am going to write this but, I rather like Flume's new track Never Be Like You. I haven't really been into any of his other stuff at all.

Thinking: so many things right now, about returning to work, about Elroy and childcare, about him turning one in a few weeks, about how this year will pan out. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by thoughts and what I want to do, that I get a bit frozen and am not very good at getting anything done. So I'm thinking small achievable goals (Matt will smile when he reads that), have to start somewhere.

Wanting: more time before real life kicks in.

Enjoying: the fact that this summer the ocean has been vaguely warm! It has been the best feeling getting into the sea and swimming about, and not getting numb, very very refreshing.

Needing: to do some serious house purging, I am so ready to do a major sort and clear out. I need to just get a massive box and walk around each room and plonk all the clutter in it and move it out. It's so hard when you have a house with no built in storage, and no bookcases, and we have a lot of books and magazines.

Wearing: a little necklace, Elroy (well, Matt) gave me for chirstmas. 

Buying: first birthday presents and party goods!! So much fun! I'll do a few seven things posts for them, because they look cute.

Anticipating: the second edition of Lunch Lady, which I think is out next week. I really enjoyed reading the first edition.

Feeling: all the feelings at the moment.

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