Monday, 22 February 2016


My little valentine, my wandering valentine. From one room to another and back, round and round the kitchen table. Usually with some miscellaneous item that is not a toy, in this instance the door snake. We had a lovely week last week. Elroy's two front teeth finally broke though and since then he has been much happier, quite settled and quite lovely. He has started coming to me more for cuddles and a pause, which I rather like, as he has always been a very independent boy. I bought the balloon as I thought he would love it, and with a first birthday approaching I was curious, but he was rather intimidated and wary of it for quite a few days. He still won't hold the string for more than a few seconds.

Some things I want to remember:
* the way he pulls at his hair when feeding at night, I think it calms and soothes him but it also seems a bit violent. Also just that beautiful sleep face when I put him to bed (he has been feeding to sleep lately) arms stretched outwards.
* his little bouncing up and down at music, still so tentative but he clearly enjoys it.
* he now remembers animal noises that I sometimes make when reading certain books, and will make the noise before I remember to, such as a horse or a fish or cat. Very very cute.

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