Monday, 15 February 2016


The last week or so has been emotionally up and down for Elroy (and me). His two top front teeth are so slowly coming through and I think they have been painful, and of course to top it off he experienced childcare. He has become more aware of Matt and I, and where we are, and I think is experiencing separation anxiety for the first time. I know this is also age related and happens naturally but it has been tough. He is a cheerful and happy person and that still shines through, so I am hoping he will be ok with these changes and perhaps enjoy them.

I took this photograph the day he turned 11 months, in his reading chair. Three times a day we sit in that chair and read together, sometimes he is attentive and listens and looks at the pictures, other times he just wants to get down and pull all the books out of the box.

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Ally SC said...

I have just discovered your blog! And it's crazy weird timing... my baby daughter Imogen is starting child care on monday for 2 days a week (so I can study interior design) and I am so emotional about it! She is being super clingy at the moment and has never been sweeter or so cuddly with us. Good luck with it! I am sure Elroy will love it and it'll open up a wonderful new chapter. Best wishes! Ally x