Friday, 12 February 2016

last weekend/friday

I meant to post these photographs earlier this week, but the long weekend, combined with Elroy's first day at childcare has completely thrown me. It's been an emotional week. I'm knackered and am very glad we are about to start another weekend. I am a stresser, there is no doubt about it, I over think everything and letting go of Elroy was so hard. I will write about how he has reacted to it in his next 52 post. Let's just say I didn't feel free or care-free the day I didn't have him.

Last weekend was really great, we took a trip up the east coast and everyone loved it, I swear even Jerry had a smile on his face. Elroy really took to the water, constantly wanting to walk into the swell without holding hands, not that he had a choice.

I think we might have another beach day this weekend if the weather stays decent. I was also given some lovely plums, and I've hunted down the pigeon hole cafe crostata recipe to use for them. The produce is so good at the moment, so perhaps we might grab some other things from the farmers market for the week ahead, hopefully it will inspire some more interesting dinners. We are in a dinner rut!

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Wenni Donna said...

Wow, I am so pleased that you all had such a fun-filled weekend. My fiancĂ© and I are also going to attend an annual fest at one of event venue NYC. It’s all about food, art and music. We both are very excited for this trip!