Wednesday, 16 March 2016


ONE!! Elroy on his first birthday, other than his birth day! I can't quite believe it. Everyone keeps saying things like congratulations on surviving, but I don't think it has been a year of surviving, or just getting by. I am actually pretty proud of how we have done. There is no doubt about it, it is the most intense and at times challenging year I've ever had, but at the same time, being this boys mother is pretty cool. Lately when I have been thinking about Elroy the words joyful and joyous spring to mind, and they aren't generally words I would use. He is a jolly fellow, he is gregarious and bright and cheerful and loves life.

Once again he was unsure about the candle on his little cake (which is a tea cake with next to no sugar, unsalted butter and cream and strawberries, but sadly even some cream was too much and made him a bit sick - I felt dreadful) and he didn't like his crown, but still so cute. I'm totally biased!

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Brandi said...

So sweet!

Katrina@capturingmoments said...

Everything about this photo is perfect. I love this moment that you've captured. Happy 1st birthday little one!
Katrina xx