Sunday, 20 March 2016


I intended to take more photographs of Elroy this week, but somehow all I have are a few shots of him in the stroller entertaining himself by chewing his sandals. We had lunch at Peppermint Bay with my old friend from school and her children, the sun actually made an appearance (I cannot say how over the grey weather I am) and it was lovely, despite the fact that it was a bit chaotic! I took some photographs of my friends daughter, who is only nine days younger than Elroy,  and strapped him in the stroller as he was very determined to wander into the restaurant. He was surprisingly very patient! He is still at that point where we can give him something to play with, on the weekend it was teaspoons, and he will take in his surroundings and not be too bothered about being strapped in. I think we will only have a short window where this works so I figure we should probably make the most of it!!

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