Thursday, 31 March 2016


That 'just got up from my afternoon nap and I'm feeling a bit ratty, but I'm going to run around like a crazy nutter' look. I love that look, and I love those afternoons at home when the sun is out and we just hang out together. We had a few of those at Easter, Elroy was unwell for almost a week after his immunisation, so it was nice to get back to normal and have a quiet break. We put up a little cardboard cubby house and Elroy has had a ball playing with it (and Jerry doesn't mind it either!). 

He seems to have grown again, maybe a little taller, and his language is starting to develop. He now says bye bye, ta, mama, dada, grandma (sort of), nana (banana), and Jerry. He is quite coordinated and plays his xylophone with both beaters, can do lots of fine things with his fingers and knows exactly how to play the music on the baby monitor. 

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