Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Elroy: he is leaning how to ride the little trike we gave him for his first birthday. He's been pretty uninterested up until the last week, but I think daycare has one and now it's all about the 'bike', which he says in his little sweet voice. I'm not sure if I've mentioned how much Matt is into bike riding but it's a big thing in this house!! Elroy has grown taller lately and is very self confident and sure about what he wants. Sometimes I think he is a bit like me, and unaware of other things that go on around him, in his own world. I forget though that he is still only very young (15 months!).

Jerry: He turned 4 last week and it only felt right to take his portrait and share it here too. My first baby and still very much my sooky baby. Life's tough for a spoilt spaniel, his eyes suggest a tough life of lolling on the couch we keep in our bedroom just for him, of getting lots of baby breakfast/lunch/dinner leftovers and going for walks with the pram. He sighs emphatically and barks for no reason at all, other than to drive me crazy. He is beautiful and lovely, and very much a member of our family.

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