Monday, 20 June 2016


I think somewhere in the last few weeks we crossed the line between caring for a baby and parenting a child. I don't know that I realised this distinction existed until this last weekend, boundaries are being pushed and I feel inept to deal with the way things are now. It's just another skill we need to start developing and work on, just like when Elroy was born and I had no ideas about babies! I find myself saying 'no' far too frequently and Elroy just parrots back 'no,no, no' without stopping what he is found. Patience is required and I need to take the time to work things through with him. Fortunately he is easily distracted and good tempered naturally. Over the weekend he learnt how to climb onto the kitchen chairs (because he is that little bit taller now) and therefore onto the kitchen table. So I have been putting his drawing paper and crayons on the table to occupy him and distract from climbing further. On the positive side he certainly seems to be more interested in drawing.

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