Sunday, 26 June 2016

Seven things: for winter

The June long weekend has already been and gone, so we really are in winter now and today was miserably grey and dull. I've said it here before many times, I don't like winter, but I think I'm going to have to start embracing it, we've still got at least two months to get through. Here's a few things to help:

1. Loopy Mango beanie knit kit - something to do on those long nights, and then wear out and about 2. Netflix - I've been watching lots of films like Echo Park, Begin Again and Lola Versus 3. Katia Carlotta mug - for all those cups of tea, I was given one for my birthday and it's the best 4. Kester Black nail varnish - again, something to do in the evenings, I'm also keen to try the Go To Skincare pinky-nuddy-lips 5. Toast felt slippers - my ugg boots are on the way out, and these are cute 6. Kate and Kate blanket - how lovely is this blanket! 7. Alla Fratelli cookbook - 'cause a bowl of pasta is a good thing for winter.

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