Saturday, 30 July 2016


We have been home now for over a week after spending a week in Sydney. Getting back to reality has taken longer than it probably should, hence the radio silence here. We went to Sydney to catch up with Matt's family and celebrate his mother's 60th, so we had half the time with family and the other half to ourselves to explore. It was a very busy, and to be honest a rather exhausting week, Matt was ill the day we left (and not much better for the first few days) which made the flight rather challenging with a toddler who refuses to sit still for more than five minutes! And we packed so much in: the zoo, family gatherings, visited Koskela, Watsons Bay, Coogee, the Blue Mountains, did some a few other things I'm sure I've forgotten already. I think we probably took on a little too much, and should have added a few rest days, although we did aim to do that, but it was the driving (and navigating) in Sydney that made those days still feel busy. Most of all I was so happy to enjoy a few days of warmer weather and sunshine. There were a few things we missed, the Frida Kahlo exhibition, Bread and Circus (it was too busy when we tried to go, boo hoo) and a wander at Bondi but I know that doesn't really matter.

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