Saturday, 30 July 2016

7/52 and 8/52

Elroy passed out in the stroller at the zoo. A most unusual event. Poor boy, he couldn't have stayed awake even if he'd wanted too. He was wonderful in Sydney, but just so very tired, so much to take in and experience, new beds to sleep in and people to see. He liked the zoo, but I would say that he is still probably a bit little for it, he liked the elephants, fishing cats (such an up close view of them) and the penguins the best. Not so interested in the giraffes which surprised me.

Last morning before we flew home in the hotel and looking tired. Also that hair, it is getting long at the back and sides, plus there is a lot of new hair coming through at the front, it probably needs a trim but there is no way I am ready for that just yet. So, mullet it is.

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