Sunday, 31 July 2016

Seven things: that I wanted to buy in Sydney but didn't

We definitely didn't do as much shopping during this past trip as we might usually. I feel pretty mean dragging Elroy around shops all the time, but we did get to a few places. I love Koskela, and this time around it was definitely the furniture/rugs/light fittings that caught my attention, however there is really no point buying any of these things just yet (we are still working through house plans, yep still!). It was a similar experience in the Hay shop, so many lovely little things I could have brought home, but in the end I just wanted the strap mirror for the new bathroom, and so walked away empty handed.

Sorry Thanks I love You was a cute little shop in Martin Place and I spotted the lead that goes with Jerry's collar (his is electric blue) but really he didn't need it. We must have walked past the Ken Done Gallery, and I meant to grab his book (I had a double sided Ken doona cover back in the late 80's and I loved it so much) but I didn't spot it, so missed out.

We visited Kido for Elroy, but I had already made a few online Bobo Choses purchases before we went away, so only purchased a jumper for him. This onesie was super cute though.

1. and 3. This and pretty ribbon from Hay in Surrey Hills 2. Rug from Koskela 4. Bobo Choses onesie from Kido store 5. Marimekko mug 6. Ken Done book from the Ken Done Gallery 7. Dog lead from Sorry Thanks I Love You

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