Monday, 17 October 2016


I anticipated that today I would probably have some photos to share from our weekend in Melbourne, but due to windy dusty weather, one crazy (and then vomiting baby) and two rather knackered parents that didn't happen at all. We did have a lovely time, breakfast at our usual the European, a walk to the park, I got to wander around the finders keepers market, we caught up with my aunt and cousin at the Collingwood Children's Farm, and snuck in a little bit of shopping. Poor Elroy was sick a few times on Saturday night, I don't know what caused it, it's so hard when you aren't at home with your own things (i.e. extra clothes/towels etc), he was so good about it all really. But on Sunday he was beat and a bit crazy.

I have this week off work, I realised that in the last seven (eight?) years that I've had my job I have never worked show week (Hobart has a public holiday on a Thursday the second last week in October). I really needed a break and some time out, Elroy will still have two days at day care, and while some of the time has been booked for appointments I don't normally get to, I do have a few plans just for me!! So excited!

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