Tuesday, 11 October 2016


19 months this week! Lots more talking and requests 'yog-ut bowl?', 'daddy gone' (fifty million times a day! He loves his dad this boy), 'zabar?' (muesli bar), 'dink?' (drink), 'stickers?'. The other day Elroy was playing at his little table and was surrounded by his ride on trike and baskets with toys, so I moved a basket and he gave me quite a stern look and pulled the basket back and said 'shut door'. I'd love to know where his imagination had taken him. He has started to give directions to Jerry, calls his name and tells him to sit and shoo. I've noticed that he is now just starting to pose for photographs, and will take pictures with his toy camera. It's all very sweet. On the flip side he is determined, sometimes getting him strapped into the car seat or pram is a challenge, he is very clear about which books he wants to read and food he will eat.

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