Friday, 7 October 2016

seven things: just for me, for right now

This week, for some reason that I'm not entirely sure, has been a hard slog. I've been tired and emotional and super-hyper-sensitive. I know 'things' shouldn't be the answer to cheering yourself up (and I'm going to get to the gym today and play some very loud music while I run) but regardless this is a list of things I would love just for me, for right now.

1. Molly on the Range - this book looks amazing, such great photographs.
2. Elk Accessories sneakers - thinking I would wear these a lot, sadly they are out in my size...
3. Oeuf daisy pillow - ok so this pillow is for children, but I am completely in love with it and am going to add it to my christmas list.
4. On the Loom by Maryanne Moodie - I tired weaving, one afternoon on a loom I made out of cardboard, it didn't quite work but I think I'd like to get a little loom and this book and give it another try.
5. Lightly volcanic bowl - oh this bowl, it has been on my wish list for so long, another for the christmas list.
6. Mecca Cosmetica kissable lips - 'cause I get such dry lips at work and this looks cute.
7. Not Perfect Linen pillowcases - I think I've said it enough here before, I am a sucker for pillowcases.

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Sonya said...

I was the same this week! Super blah! So I went and ordered Molly on the Range :)