Friday, 28 October 2016


It's been a long week around here, Elroy has really been unwell with a mix of croup, new teeth and hay fever, it's been miserable. We are all really tired and looking forward to the weekend! Fortunately the weather has been improving and I think we will take a day trip to the east coast, maybe visit the local primary school fair for Elroy to enjoy, cook some good food and rest up.

A few other things:
• I got my copy of A Year Between Friends a few weeks ago and it is wonderful (I'm about half way through), I have followed them since almost the start and have all the quarterlies and books etc, it is very inspiring.

• I've also been reading The Light Between Oceans, I nearly went to see the film last weekend, but I knew it was going to make me cry and I wasn't quite in that zone (I saw Bridget Jones' Baby instead) so I'm reading it and then I'll see the film - and still cry!!

• Very excited to get tickets to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in January.

• I bought these shoes the other day and I'm really loving them.

• Part of me hates the whole Halloween in Australia thing (it just doesn't make sense), but then I also kinda wish I had the opportunity to dress Elroy up as something!

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