Friday, 11 November 2016

22/52 and 23/52

After a week of illness for Elroy we escaped to the beach and made the most of the sunshine and fresh air. So many sand castles, that very quickly get 'mash' (smashed). I really hope we get a decent summer because this boy enjoys the beach.

23/52 (bottom)
Making 'ups of tea' in the garden. Lots of the books we read mention cups of tea, and Elroy enjoys pretending to make them for me and we cheers to one another. Sometimes he makes them with sand from the sandbox and tries to drink it, ending up with sand everywhere.

Some other things I want to remember:
He calls his salt water sandals 'chicks', because Matt was a bit disparaging and suggested that he wouldn't pick up chicks wearing them. We laughed so now Elroy calls them chicks.

He is going through a very repetitive phases for books, I read one at least 12 times the other day. He demands 'again'.

His language skills are taking another leap, now we got 'big boat', 'big truck', counting (lots of 'two, four'), 'Elroy's ...' whatever it may be, 'ghettti', 'mummydaddy' and 'do you know?' - I must say that a lot.

We went to see Play School live last weekend, but Elroy was a little overwhelmed and spent the entire time sitting in my lap making sure that I was hugging him. He hardly ever lets me do that when we are out so it was quite nice.

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