Sunday, 20 November 2016

24/52 and 25/52

How is it that just about every child on earth loves spaghetti bolognaise? Elroy is no different and loves 'ghetti'. He ends up looks like a little oompa loompa, all orange from the tomato. He will eat so much of the stuff, but I try not to let him have pasta more than once a week. We always try to eat our meals together, well at least lunch and dinner and I think it has been a good decision for us, although Elroy's bedtime is a little later as a result. He is very good at sitting at the table for longer periods of time, which means we have been able to take him out to children friendly restaurants for early dinners on a semi regular basis. That's one thing I have missed since becoming a parent, getting out for dinner!

Clutching his guitar, he seriously loves that mailing tube, has to carry it everywhere and either plays it as a guitar or a trumpet. I think he might be musical, or definitely more than me, and he has a very sweet little singing voice. Loves songs and listens to the lyrics too, will spin and shake and stomp etc when the song requires.

Today we took Elroy to the beach and he loves building sandcastles, but today he also had a bit of a paddle in the water holding either Matt's hand or mine and loving the waves coming up and washing over his toes and legs. He was so delighted. Then Matt dug a hole and we added water and he happily sat in it and splashed about. I can sense him growing up so quickly and I love it, but it is bittersweet, this time is so amazing and it flies by.

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