Sunday, 20 November 2016


I haven't felt much like blogging lately, I haven't really known what to write about.We have been busy but it's just the normal day to day, week to week stuff, nothing of note. I am really glad that the count down to Christmas and the end of year is here. I enjoy this time of year and have started my planning and shopping, as always I start out thinking I'll keep it simple but the list and ideas grow. I'm still undecided on whether we will get a tree, or if that is just asking for trouble, but I'm definitely going to decorate the house for Elroy to be excited about. The other day I bought some little copper lights at the supermarket and I mentioned Christmas to Elroy, he was so cute and thought that the lights were Christmas, so when they fell into the trolley he said 'Chrim-mas gone'. We also went to the Christmas Parade yesterday, something I didn't think I'd ever do, but it was actually quite sweet and enjoyable, I think Elroy really enjoyed it.

This weekend we had absolutely no plans, and it has been so nice, particularly as the weather has been amazing, especially today (finally!). And I've been working on my first craft project in a very long time. I ordered a copy of Koel magazine when it was a kickstarter project and it's a really lovely publication. I was drawn to the latch hook projects because I have always loved the work of Renilde De Peuter, she makes the most amazing cushions. I don't know if they are latch hook or not, but they are very beautiful. Mine is not so beautiful, but it has been good to make something again.

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