Friday, 2 December 2016


Oh man! TGIF. I'm tired, and completely donezo. The last few weeks have been long. I haven't been sleeping brilliantly and Matt was away last weekend, so I feel I haven't really had any time out alone for a while. In saying that I have been enjoying lots of things lately, so here is a bit of a list:

* I've started listening to more podcasts walking to work, this has been out of sheer laziness because I need to put some new music on my phone, but haven't and I can easily just download a podcast. Mostly I've been listening to Garance Dore's Pardon my French (really enjoyed listening to Anna Bond and Grace Bonney and Mike D with Claire Vivier)
* Listening to the Elk Road's like a version of Flight Facilities 'Crave You' with Lisa Mitchell
* Issue 5 of the Lunch Lady should be on its way soon
* Gilmore Girls!!!! Surely they will make more?
* Peonies from the farmer's market
* and lastly, but not least, I watched Crowded House on the Sydney Opera House steps on tv sunday night and I kinda wish I had made the effort to go.

This weekend we are going to get our christmas tree and decorate the house, Matt thinks I'm crazy wanting a tree with a toddler, but I think he will love it and we are just going to have to explain (many, many, many times) not to destroy it!! I'm also going to get myself to the gym, see the Nick Cave film (before I see him in concert next year) and I might check out the last Market Hobart. Basically I'm going to have a bit of time for me!!

Finally I have been preparing a few end of year seven things posts, so expect to see those soon. They are fun to make and I just seem to keep seeing 'stuff' I like at the moment. It is that time of year.

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