Thursday, 8 December 2016


This had to be the photograph this week, such a contrast with last weeks sad one on the sofa. So happy and sweet, playing peekaboo. At the moment Elroy loves music more than anything, names the songs he wants to hear and is still very much attached to his poster mailing tube guitar. He's learning some great words like igloo 'eegloo', sausage 'sauce-shage', 'yak', 'piccolo', say 'hello guys', 'dont't worry', and 'hey man'. He has a very good memory, in fact we visited my grandmother the other day and he mentioned a previous visit where he and his second cousin had had 'cream' (ice cream), I had forgotten but not Elroy. He also knows exactly what presents are even though he hasn't really had one to unwrap himself since his birthday, which means I can't put any under the Christmas tree.

He enjoys showers over baths, the teddy bear, teddy bear turn around game/rhyme, giving Jerry commands, swimming lessons, playing chasings, being outside in the garden, will squeeze his eyes shut when put to bed and told to close his eyes, and really does have the best smile.

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