Wednesday, 7 December 2016

seven things: christmas stocking stuffers for Elroy

Elroy is not even two yet, so he really needs nothing for Christmas, but naturally I am a little excited about it on his behalf. This year he is getting a balance bike, but I know he will probably still take a while to grow into it.

I found this super cute Sack Me sack, and have picked the following to fill it with:
1. ostheimer lion - I have been collecting these since before Elroy was born, and will buy him a new one each birthday and christmas.
2. ukulele - because this boy is guitar mad, and has been clutching a poster mailing tube near nonstop, he loves his guitar!
3. tea cups and kettle - for 'ups of tea' so many books we read mention having cup of tea, and Elroy loves playing at making tea.
4. mini tram - because he likes them
5. umbrella - for fun when it rains
6. a few books such as Max, which we borrowed from the library and has quickly become a favourite for Elroy, also Alfie's Feet, I love Shirley Hughes books, we read my old copy of Helpers nearly daily.
7. stacking rainbow for some colour and fun.

I know I've gone waaaay overboard....

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