Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Seven things: my Christmas list

My christmas list. I think I've made a christmas list every year since I was about seven. I can't help it, I love picking things out for myself. Matt and I actually talked about next year maybe buying our own gifts and wrapping them up. That does appeal in a funny way, I know it does take an element of surprise out of it and probably the whole spirit of gift giving, but we are both people who tend to know exactly what we want. Anyway here are a few things from this list I emailed out (yep) and a few bonus selections I've since stumbled on.

1. Bag and key chain from Obus - the two clearly have to go together
2. Clay book, because I really love hand made ceramics, and I've tried and it's not easy.
3. Castle pillowcase (but I also love this tea towel) - there always has to be Castle at christmas!
4. Aziz Ansari book - honestly I already bought myself this book, mostly because of the cover, and it's Aziz! I really enjoyed watching Master of None and so far 30 pages in I'm enjoying it. I've heard it is a really good audio book too.
5. Takeawei planter - I love that soft blue with the speckled light grey glaze, so beautiful.
6. Lucy Folk hair tie - to wear around my wrist naturally!
7. Nuori perfecting facial oil - because I think I need to start taking better care of my skin. I don't know if this stuff is any good but the packaging is nice?

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