Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Having a wonderful time at the beach on Bruny Island, this boy is becoming a beach boy and I like that. On new years eve we had a quick swim at the end of the day and he was quite happy to come into the rather cold water and have a bit of a swim with me. So lovely to hear squeals of delight at splashing in the water. He has also, in the last day or two, really taken his imaginative play to the next step, and I watched smiling while he gave his teddy a cup of tea, made him toast and grapes, read his book out load to himself (he knew most of it by heart), and be thoroughly involved in what he was doing. On the flip side I think he is just so overwhelmed with new words, and new discoveries, that he has been struggling with getting to sleep over the last few days. I know (hope) it will pass, but it has been challenging.

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