Thursday, 19 January 2017

So, this went up last week! After over four years of planning and discussions we are doing it! I'm actually feeling a little bit amazed. When you think about something for so long, it's nice for it to become a reality. We are going to be living in a construction site for the next six months or so, and I know it's not going to be easy, there are going to be tears and arguments and stresses, but I think it is really going to be worth it. Tomorrow the builder will start the prep for the extension, digging the footings, unless the predicted rain causes delay!) in our back garden, and at some point in the next few weeks they will also start turning our current living room into a bathroom! I have been madly trying to make decisions about tiles and grout colours and the vanity, but I think I'm done now and almost everything has been ordered. I've started pulling together a little bit of an inspiration post so I'm sure that will be up over the weekend. This may end up becoming a renovation blog for a while!

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