Thursday, 19 January 2017


In two months this boy will be two. That seems amazing, how much he has learnt in the last year is mind blowing and incredible. While I took this photograph of him he was telling me about the teletubbies and their names (I don't think he has watched that for months but he remembers) and playing the 'double bass' with that piece of cardboard. He knows so many instruments and how they are played from the piccolo to the cello. He speaks very clearly and tonight declared his dinner to be 'delicious'! He puts his teddy in his trolley and tucks it in blankets, makes a 'good cup of tea' and each morning if Matt gets him up, and I am in bed still, will come in cheerfully and gently open my glasses and say 'mummy gasses (glasses)' often followed by 'big hug ooh'.