Tuesday, 17 January 2017

There are so many unwritten blog posts filling my head at the moment, I'm going to try to get them out and on here. Last week was the first week back at work for us I was keen to settle into a new and more organised routine, and it went well, but on Sunday I managed to tweak my lower back and I've had a locked joint pinching on a nerve. So this week has been less successful...

On Friday night I was very fortunate to get to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I've seen them a few times before, but given everything this was a rather different experience, one which has stayed with me a bit. You can read about the concert and see some videos here. I have been listening to the new album a lot over the last few months, mostly walking to and from work and have gotten a lot out of it. One thing I have found since having a child is that I really miss that time at home and playing whatever music you like, and as loud as you like. We play music for Elroy all the time, either children's music or our music, but as I prefer slightly more melancholy music, I don't play it often. That part of me, that makes me feel like me is missing. I really recognised that after Friday night. I'm going to have to start taking Jerry for longer walks in the evening, I'm sure he won't mind.

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