Friday, 29 September 2017

two and a half

You might have noticed I am no longer doing the 52 project, it was very hard when we were living away from home earlier this year, and although I did finish the year and took the photographs, it just didn't seem necessary to post the last five or six weeks (or however many it was!). I don't think it is a bad thing to lesson the amount of content my child features in, however Elroy recently reached the two and a half milestone and I wanted to write a little bit to remember this time. He is good, mostly, but can also be so challenging. The refusal to listen, to reason is difficult, and he throws things (which I hate), and says "Mummy I want" a lot, and he has started to drop his day sleep which makes for some testing times. I know these are all age related things. But also he is sweet, and kind and affectionate. He loves to grab your hand and pull you to play with him, loves cuddles, or a snuggle, and is chatty and comes up with some great stories. He is very much besotted with Thomas the Tank Engine, every conversation links back to that in some way, has become quite confident riding his balance bike, loves the park, the pool, the art museum (MONA), music (mostly rock and punk it seems), Richard Scarry books, the library, his friend next door and helping to cook, or helping with anything really.

I have always loved Joanna Goddard's posts about what her children say, and so here are some of Elroy's gems:

When we arrived at the park and to no one in particular:
"Hello boys, pleased to meet you, I'm Elroy"

Elroy: "Are you a boy or a girl?"
Me:"I'm a girl"
Elroy: "Are you a fairy?"

"I love you all the time" (oh this one is my favourite!!)

When the white cockatoos squawk
Elroy: "Wha's that?"
Me: "the cockies"
Elroy: "They're making a tennis racquet today!"

"Chin-ished" (finished)

Sings: "incy wincy spider climbs up the farm, eee, iii, eee, iii, o"