Sunday, 24 September 2017

a few things

I feel lucky because I don't work Fridays so weekends are always that little bit longer, but this one was particularly good. The weather on Friday was spectacular, finally a beautiful warm sunny day, and after spending the day outside we ended it with dinner at Local Pizza and finally checked out the James Turrell installation a MONA. In true Hobart style Saturday was a wash out (complete with thunder and lightning), but Matt and I were lucky enough to squeeze in a date night and we have been able to get through a few more house chores, it is getting ever so much closer to feeling right.

I've been saving up a few links from the last week or so to share too, lots of good things at the moment:

* getting to catch up with Sonya for lunch at the pigeon whole bakery, I've long admired Sonya's blog, she writes so well and always has some really great finds and recipes to share so it was really lovely to meet her and have a chat.

* Bjork's interview with Jefferson Hack for Nowness, I'm looking forward to hearing this new album

* the Ostro cook book - it's one of those books where I want to cook every single recipe - tonight we made the pici with meatballs

* Lucy's picture wall video - gave me the final push to just get our pictures up on the wall (see above)

* this actually might have been last week, but a cool Brooklyn house on a Cup of Jo

* the preview for Isle of Dogs - I'm so excited about this film!