Thursday, 14 September 2017

seven things: spring wear for elroy

I don't blog about it much, but I have a definite weakness for children's clothing. There are just so many amazing designers and I find them quite inspiring. Most of the boys clothes available locally are very boring and dull, the Europeans definitely do it best. Elroy is very fair (and pale) and he can wear a lot of those softer pinks/beige/rust toned colours, so I tend to be drawn towards them. Also blue and stripes!! We have just started swimming lessons again for the season, so he could do with a bag for his towel and the bensimons are perfect pull on sneakers. Now we just have to hope that the weather warms up a little bit! 

1. Tiny Cottons stripe tee 2.  Bobo Choses otariinae leggings 3.  Bensimon slip-ons 4.  Bobo Choses calypso tote bag 5. Mini Rodini sausage dog tee 6.  Cotton On swim short 7.  Tiny Cottons llamas pant


Tin of tea said...

My favorite for boys clothes (so boring or ridiculously "grown up" looking!) is Boden! I love the dog tee shirt!

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