Sunday, 10 September 2017

this weekend

There has been lots lately that I have intended to blog about, what I've been reading (Party Girls Die in Pearls, Round to Ours), watching (Versailles, Suits, Madame), and listening to (The National, Mac Demarco - but not the most recent one) but because I've been doing all that, fighting off a virus, parenting a two year old who had the flu (and who is two - challenging time), and working, and everything else that has to be done, it hasn't happened. And I'm sad about that. I want to write this stuff down, mostly for my self, because I enjoy doing this.

This weekend we took Elroy to the snow on the mountain for the very first time, on the day he turned two and a half. He wasn't super keen on it to start, there was a fair bit of grizzling and "I need a cuddle" (which means he wants to be carried), but after a while he really got into it and enjoyed climbing over rocks and exploring, growling like rock dinosaurs (whatever they are).

We also started to put some pictures up on the rather bare white walls at home (starting with Elroy's room). We have been back in the house for about three months now and I have been feeling immobile with indecision about how I want to approach the decorating part. Elroy's room was easy, but I am genuinely stuck with what to put up on the bare wall behind our dining table, we already have lots of pieces but none of them feel quite right. It might be a case of get something up for now, and in time (and when the budget allows) find something new. I wish I could afford an interior designer to make these decisions for me! Not ever going to happen.


Tin of tea said...

that little snowy face, how cute! White walls being covered, that's a good feeling! We're not there yet.... painting first!!!

Small Catalogue said...

Versailles might be my new favourite TV show - it's filling my Musketeers void and more.

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