Sunday, 19 November 2017

a few things

We've had the most stunning weekend weather-wise, it feels like summer already, and I've had my first swim in the ocean for the year (well close enough). I'm not foolish enough to think it is permanent so we have been trying to make the most of it. It helps lighten the exhaustion that I'm feeling at the moment which is definitely both mental and physical (I have yet another cold/virus/sinus thing going on). Things are starting to crack ever so slightly, but fortunately one more week until we are off to Sydney for a short break.

There have been some other nice 'things' of note lately too:

I loved watching Sarah Blasko on ABC last tuesday night. It was so interesting to have some insight into how she works creatively. I am looking forward to hearing her new album next year, I saw her a few months back playing solo at the Theatre Royal and it was pretty magical, new songs were really great and she has such a stage pre.

I think I've mentioned the Bang On podcast before, but I still love it, it never fails to get me to laugh out loud, which can be rather amusing in itself when I'm walking Jerry with headphones it.

I set myself a challenge of reading a book a month this year, and sure enough I am a quarter of the way into number 12 (I'm quite chuffed I've made it). I'm reading The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose, and so far I'm loving it, before that I read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and A Man Called Ove, and loved both.

Another tv show I've been watching and enjoying is the French show Call My Agent (or Dix Pour Cent - why the name change?).

And finally, the photo's above are from about a month ago, I've been really poor with it lately, so there are lilacs from the garden, Elroy on his vintage wooden rocking horse that some friends so kindly gave him, and fish tacos (which reminds me we should have those again soon).

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Dani Elis said...

A new reader here and I'm instantly in love with Jerry... his eyes and ears! I'm melting!

A book a month is so so good... I normally make a similar new years resolution of some kind but this year has been a hard one to keep my nose in a book I like enough. Struggling through one now but determined to finish it.

The fish Taco's look delish!