Sunday, 3 December 2017


To say we’ve been in a funk lately is an understatement, the whole being sick thing has worn us down, luckily we had the last week booked to stay in Sydney’s northern beaches (we stayed at this Airbnb - I’d highly recommend). It was warm and a bit sticky, but the sunshine was exactly what we needed. I was pretty excited that the Big Design Market was on the day we arrived so we stopped there, along with Koskela and Gelato Messina, the next few days we visited the beach, played in the Airbnb cubby, had bbq’s on the deck, did some shopping and had lunch at Bills (it's still good), spent some time with Matt’s family, and had a few early Christmas dinners (one at the Newport which was nice but also child friendly). We also had a bit of child free time, and it was so nice to spend time like we used to, we walked up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, had a swim in the sea and then lunch together. I really think we need to try to do that more often, it’s so easy to forget how important that time alone is.

Now we are home, all a little sun kissed, tired but definitely the better for it!

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sonya said...

You always find the best Airbnb’s!