Tuesday, 5 December 2017

bits and pieces

It's Tuesday, but I'm feeling the mid-week blues already, I think it's the post holiday let down. Anyway, I thought I'd share a few good random things at the moment:

I love Charlotte Ree’s gorgeous digital cookbook Backeree, I’m pretty sure I am going to end up cooking all 30 recipes (I started with the buttermilk chocolate cake and it was very good).

Bjork’s new album Utopia.... I love it.

I just started reading Goodbye Vitamin by Rachel Khong. I recently found Hannah-Rose Yee’s suggestions over on the in bed journal and they seem to hit the mark, so I've added a few of those to my list.

One thing I didn’t add to my Christmas list (I'm working on it to share), but am going to treat myself too is Bianca Cash’s beautiful Datekeeper for 2018 - I just can't decide whether to go with pink or green?

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