Thursday, 7 December 2017

mini adventures with elroy

Wednesdays are my day off with Elroy, and it hasn't felt like we've had a lot of fun with them lately (blah blah sickness!) poor lovely boy, but this week I thought we should do something different, visit a new park and explore together. Sometimes it is easy to forget that, when they are so young, it is the little things that are important, and mostly all he wants is my attention and focus. It was fun and we both enjoyed ourselves, a mini adventure.

This boy is growing up so quickly, he is beautifully confident and loves to engage with people, to have a chat, and his imaginative play is developing into something quite lovely. When we climbed up the steps in the photograph above, Elroy was imagining us climbing onto a plane, it was very very cute! Also talking about cute, how gorgeous is his Mini Rodini bat jumper and stripe leggings from Frankie's Story, he loves this jumper so much.

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