Tuesday, 12 December 2017

seven things: for Elroy for Christmas

This year I've found searching for gifts for Elroy a little bit tricky, mostly because he really doesn't need anything, and also because he is a very fortunate child with kind grandparents (and soft parents) who gift him throughout the year and so already has far too many things! After our trip away I'm convinced that next year a cubby house is the way to go, but since the outside of our house is (still!) a bit of a worksite that won't work this year. 

So instead this year Elroy will find a few smaller things under the tree: my mum has found him a sweet little cooktop set, hence the wooden meat pack - and it is the meat pack because I love the way he says snausages, he is a mad Thomas the Tank Engine fan (and will get a few new engines) but I think the bridge is a cute addition to his wooden railway, the t-shirt is perfect because he frequently gets affectionately called a peanut, both books on this list are just wonderful and Charlie the wooden sausage (again snausage) dog is super cute, but to be honest he is going to be the most excited about that large wooden crane!

1.  Le Toy Van meat in a crate 2. Pottery Barn Kids jumbo wooden crane 3.  Koalas Eat Gum Leaves  4. Brio suspension bridge  5. My Lazy Cat 6. Maison Labiche peanut t-shirt 7. Charlie the Wooden Sausage Dog

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