Tuesday, 26 December 2017

christmas 2017

Well it's come and gone and it was rather nice. Christmas this year for us was quiet and peaceful, we even had a sleep in until 8am, which is pretty rare, and won’t be the case again for many years I’m sure! We had the whole day at home and a low key evening meal with my parents, and brother and his partner. Elroy had a ball, and was a very fortunate child, one of my friends has kindly loaned us some wooden train track and some Thomas engines while Elroy has the bug, and so we set up a big track to lead to the Christmas tree. He happily occupied himself all day, and the big wooden crane we gave him was the best idea (apart from the fact that he has tried to hook it to the tree a few times to shift it!). It is very easy on days like that to appreciate how very lucky we are, I’m conscious of not forgetting that.

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