Saturday, 16 December 2017

seven things: on my christmas wish list

There seems to be a theme in this years wish list - pink, brass and pretty things, also a strong admiration for Jen Garrido's work. To be honest I've started a second list of things for home, because this list was long, and was clearly divided into two. Having just done the house this year it it feels like a lot of things on my list are for home, alas the budget only goes for far. However, as always, there are a few things I’d love just for me!

1. Toc Toc Toc magazine 2.  Byredo mojave ghost hand cream 3.  Alexandra Dodds earrings 4.  Jenny Pennywood napkins 5.  Jen Garrido limited edition reproduction  6. Ferm Living brass candle holder 7. Good Things Frank Tray

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