Saturday, 30 December 2017

seven things to help organise life in the new year

It is very clear to me that I am going to have to make a few organisational changes at home and in my life, and naturally the start of the year is a good time to put new habits into practice. I'm not a resolution type, but am definitely habitual, so I figure this summer break is a good chance to set some things in motion.

Most specifically we need to find homes for random bits and pieces in the house, sort out the constant mess at the front door, and deal with our spare room (which is a disaster), so I think the book by Julie Carlson is an essential (I've flicked through it at the bookshop - where I will buy it locally - and it looks so helpful).

The other area that we definitely need to think about more is meal planning and packing lunches. We are going to have to pack lunches for Elroy this year and so for the sake of saving money and eating better I will pack them for Matt and myself too.

My main challenge for the year will be making sure I carve out more time for myself, plan a few projects and actually do some things!! It always seems easier in theory.

1. Design Letters food planner 2. Father Rabbit round basket 3. Remodelista: The Organized Home  4. Mur Lifestyle peg rail 5. Darling Clementine notebooks 6. Country Road enamel container  7.  Bianca Cash Datekeeper

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