Monday, 29 January 2018

long weekend

We just had a very hot long weekend. Which is nice, except that half our house stays lovely and cool, and the other half (with our bedrooms) heats up and stays around the 30 degree mark all night long. So we are all a little tired! But we had a lovely day at the beach on friday, Elroy had his first sleep over with my parents, so we went out for dinner and then saw I, Tonya (that was pretty good), had breakfast out, listened to the hottest 100 with friends, I made chocolate cupcakes with coconut icing, and there were bubbles, lots of bubbles 'cause our kid loves them. This summer really feels like summer, maybe because last year we were so focused on the house we missed it a bit, but I am really enjoying it. Just need to have a few more beach days because the water is vaguely warm...for Tasmania.

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