Wednesday, 31 January 2018

jam etc

Our bottom garden is a bit wild at the moment, it was inaccessible for most of last year, the grass has only been cut once and it long and straggly and gone to seed. Likewise the fruit trees are overgrown, and need some tender care. But the apricots this year have been amazing, we have two trees, and both have produced a lot of fruit. The downside to this is that neither Matt nor Elroy love them particularly. So I made a small batch of jam, and I've made the Violet apricot and raspberry cake about four times now (it's really great) because we all eat that, the rest of the apricots have been blanched and bagged and frozen for crumbles and pies on cold winter days. Although I think I might make crostada, because it is such a great recipe, surely the boys will eat that too.

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Dani Elis said...

I love the idea of making jam and stocking the freezer with home grown fruits. I really want a garden with fruit trees but our balcony in Syd just isn't great for growing things... I guess it also doesn't help that I have a black thumb! Oh and just in case you were looking another use for apricots... Matthew Evans and Michelle Crawfords book, Not Just Jam has a delicious sounding recipe for preserving apricots with nutmeg and orange blossom :)