Monday, 12 February 2018


We've just had a long weekend and I'm feeling rather tired, but a good tired I think. It's been busy lately, and as always my mind has been on overdrive. Elroy started a at a new early learning centre last week, I think the change will be good, but I was feeling worried and concerned about whether we had made the right decision in the lead up. He seems pretty happy with it, although he doesn't want to wear the uniform!

I went to see Nigella Lawson speak a week ago, and that was pretty cool, and it might have sparked me back into enjoying cooking again. My friends also mentioned that they order a box from Backyard Bounty weekly, so we received our first one on friday and have been making all kinds of things - rhubarb and strawberry pie, rhubarb muffins, roast beetroot and freekah salad, spanish tortilla...

I also went to see the film Call Me By Your Name which was beautiful, I really loved it a lot and I'd love to watch it again. It makes me want to spend summer in the Italian countryside so badly! Next on my list is Ladybird.

Elroy and I did some valentines crafting. Crafting (or painting) with Elroy is always a very frentic activity, whereby he thinks he knows how to do things which he actually doesn't, has no patience for me to explain them to him, and makes more mess than I can handle (and actually I handle his messes ok).

And today we did our, apparently annual (we went almost exactly the same time last year), visit to Mona where we take the ferry rather than driving there. It's lovely and I can see why it draws so many tourists to Hobart, it's great seeing the city from the water. The new space that they recently opened was really great, I love the new James Turrell, and I'm looking forward to maybe getting out there again soon child free.

The next month is going to be an interesting one, with lots of solo parenting for me, I'm not nervous, but I know there are going to be moments where we both lose it completely!

(sorry for the rather boring and over saturated photographs - not quite in the zone at the moment with photography).