Monday, 12 February 2018

seven things for valentines

Valentines isn't huge in our house, but occasionally gifts are exchanged. I think it's nice to gift the people you love. I know it's not about gifts, but let me just say when you are parenting an almost three year old, both work, and both end up exhausted on the couch each night, it is nice to do something every now and again.

So here is my rather random, collection of things that could be loosely associated with valentines day (basically it's just a few things I like, pretty sure Matt doesn't want any of these things for valentines).

1. Moglea heart card (I love all their stationary, cards and gift wrap) 2. Oeuf love garland  (this garland - all the heart eyes!) 3.  Laura Lombardi necklace (also love this Elk one) 4. Bisous! poster 5. Citta melt candle holder 6. Rodin Olio Lusso 7. Pressed peony phone case by Jasmine Dowling for The Dairy

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