Thursday, 15 March 2018

third birthday

As I mentioned in my last post Elroy turned three over the weekend, three!!! My baby is well and truly a little boy now, even in the last two months it feels like there has been such a leap in his development. Yesterday I went in to his room when he woke up and the first thing he said when he saw me with a beautiful smile was "oooh Mummy I love you" followed by "get out of my room please"(he didn't want to get out of bed), the first part melted me, the second made me smile. He's articulate, sweet but crazy, loud, over confident, terrible at listening, gentle, curious, has the most amazing memory, focused (at times), he loves his bike, trucks, diggers (or anything construction related), books, lego, swimming, throwing the ball, and would happily watch tv all day everyday. He makes me frustrated but also so incredibly happy.

The party was big, it was the first one we've been able to have at home and we may have over-estimated the number of people our house could handle (40-50 is probably too many!). But I got to make a fancy cake (a truck) because it didn't have to be transported to the park, and hang some decorations. Elroy had a wonderful day, he was so happy, loved it so much when we sang happy birthday (he sang too), knew exactly what to do with the candles this year and ran riot with his friends. He's very loved and he knows it, which is the best thing ever.

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