Thursday, 13 February 2020

new routines and the summer blues

Summer seems to have vanished lately, it’s been grey grey for over a week and I feel like my mood has shifted that way too. I need some sunshine, I’m fighting a lurgy and the lack of decent sleep over the last (nearly) eight months is definitely catching up with me. I’m adjusting to our new routine and haven’t got it down pat yet, I miss the old one, chatting to the people at daycare, somehow it felt more structured. School starts so late and finishes so early, we are barely getting a second sleep in for Rufus and then what to do after school? I’m sure we will work it out in time. 

I confess to beat the summer blues I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping (mostly clothes for the boys and presents for Elroy’s birthday), but I caved and got the Hay ete bed cover in yellow and I love it so much, yellow really is a happy colour. And I got the little Italian splatter wear pinch pot from Dos Ombré in the photograph above, it came beautifully packaged and presented. Little things to help pick up my mood.

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